Oemeta shows GTL grinding oil at the GrindTec

Oemeta shows trends at the GrindTec with mineral oil-free cooling lubricants and GTL grinding oils

Oemeta Chemische Werke GmbH presents an innovative gas-to-liquids product at the exhibition GrindTec. The new mineral oil-free grinding oil OEMETOL 610 GT guarantees excellent lubricant performance by low emission and convince with best performance data compared to conventional hydrocracked oils. This implies high process reliability and low consumption. Users benefit from reliable processes and longer tool life.    

“Our synthetic product OEMETOL 610 GT is based on oils of the latest generation. In the so-called GTL process base oils are generated,” emphasizes Malte Krone, Head of Product Management at Oemeta Chemische Werke GmbH. At the GrindTec in Augsburg the manufacturer of efficient cutting and grinding oils as well as high-performed cooling lubricants presents the innovative cutting oil OEMETOL 610 GT.

In the gas-to-liquid (GTL) process, very pure, synthetic and thus, mineral oil-free base oils are generated from natural gas. These are free of organic nitrogen, aromatics, heavy metals, zinc and chlorine compounds. Nevertheless, the new product provide excellent performance data.

GTL product with outstanding performance data

The OEMETOL 610 GT is characterised by a flash point increased of up to 17 percent and a volatility reduced up to 60 percent. That provides for notably increased occupational safety as well as lower consumption compared to conventional mineral or hydrocracked oils. A higher lubricating performance and optimised foaming behaviour reduce wear up to 20 percent. Hence, processes become more reliable and tool life is expanded considerably.

Oil-free cooling lubricants

At the international trade show for grinding technology OEMETA presents oil-free cooling lubricants with occupational safety and excellent performance and consumption data.
OEMETA at the GrindTec: hall 2, booth 2144