Oemeta and Mazak are Preferred Partners for cooling lubricants and machines

Oemeta and Mazak Germany announce their technology partnership in the fields of cooling lubricants and machine tools

Oemeta and Mazak Germany are announcing their technology partnership in the fields of cooling lubricants and machines. Under the shared “Preferred Partner” logo, Oemeta will now provide technical application support at the four Mazak Technology Centres in Göppingen, Düsseldorf, Munich and Leipzig as well as at trade fairs. This involves Mazak using Oemeta’s cutting-edge cooling lubricants.

Close supervision and monitoring of the products used by Oemeta means that cooling and lubrication during machining processes can be optimised for the benefit of Mazak’s clients before the machines are delivered. Both partners can also use the experience gained through their cooperation to develop new technologies and processes for the future. The aim is to achieve the optimum level of interaction between the machine, the tool and the cooling lubricant technology. In addition, the partnership means that clients can draw on extensive advice and support if they encounter any problems or have special cooling lubricant requirements. Possible topics include the filtration and reprocessing of the cooling lubricant, the optimisation of the material removal rate, process stabilisation or increases in the durability of the fluids. Both companies have laid plans to ensure close collaboration and information sharing among their technical and sales staff.

Oemeta and Mazak are  preferred partner